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Welcome to SoccerFours!

Welcome! What are we?

We're a 501c3 non-profit organization that organizes and facilitates co-ed, drop-in, pick-up soccer games in a 4v4 formt. It was born out of a lack of night time pick-up soccer options in San Francisco. The 4v4 format was chosen because it had been a focus of the Scottish FA's youth development program and is the minimalist's choice as with 4v4 (no goalkeepers) one still feels there are plenty of options on the field while playing.

Our culture is one of community. Because scores aren't kept in any of our games, the environment is much more chill. This is a place you can work on your skills and if you mess up and the other team scores, it's no big deal just pull the ball out of the net and start back up again!

We hope you'll enjoy knocking the ball around and getting a run on at SoccerFours!

Our sessions at a glance...

  • 4v4 small-sided games (no goalkeepers)
  • Teams can have up to 5 players
  • Subs are enforced every 2 minutes
  • Six 8-minute games per session
  • No scorekeeping
  • No slide tackling
  • No league/pre-made teams
  • Teams rotate based on bib color
  • Have fun playing community soccer
SoccerFours in action

If you like what you see we encourage you to come give us a try!

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